Gallery Geek provides two helpful art guides for those hoping to visit art institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe that San Francisco is a rich area for art and its community. Here, you will be able to save these on your phones or print these out when venturing on your art adventures.

The first infographic titled “You are Here, Bay Area Gallery Admission” is the best for those on a budget. This list will allow you to decide which galleries and museums to visit without breaking the bank. It can help you gauge your money while checking out an amazing collection of work. We tried to select the best ratio of quality work and affordable pricing.

The second infographic provided is best for those who want to use the BART train. I selected the best galleries and museums nearest to BART stations. These museums and galleries are the best selections in proximity to that city’s BART exit. This is best for those who want to take their bicycle around the Bay Area or for those who do not want to drive and want to unwind and enrich their lives.

Please feel free to share these to all your friends and art lovers!

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