About the Curator

2864284049_8f8dd1e5ed_oWith Shepard Fairey (OBEY Giant) for the opening of “Duality of Humanity” solo exhibition. 
White Walls Gallery, San Francisco (September 2008)

A decision was to be made as to what topic our personal and on-going blog would be. Naturally, I gravitated toward the arts. As a fan and a former professional, my stories and vision needed a home. This is it.

I’m heavily inspired by artists like Usugrow, David Choe, Salvador Dali, Shepard Fairey, Audrey Kawasaki just to name a few.

At the age of 22, I co-founded a curatorial agency with four others to form &THEM Collective, then later renamed to The Method Makers. Starting in 2010, we managed over 2 dozen artists and held various shows throughout many unique venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal was to showcase and provide a platform for different level of artists. Whether they were seasoned veterans or art school enrolled, we gave them a wall and an audience. Being a small gear in an artists’ grandfather clock-scaled career was truly an honor.

In the summer of 2013, I became a curator in the ever-growing boutique MASSIVE. This particular company is unique in the sense that it caters to the urban lifestyle. Located in the heart of Oakland, it’s a retail location which specializes in 3 specific factors: streetwear, barber shop, and art. The synergy between the three components works really well. Curating in a retail space with a dedicated art gallery has provided me with skills and experiences that is unique to this particular establishment.

Moving forward, I’m back to being a full-time aficionado. Hope you dig my experiences and unique perspective.