Spotlight: Tara McPherson


There was a moment in time when I would attend art and toy signings for the store Kidrobot in San Francisco. The store would allow me to photograph their events for their records and my personal use. Tara McPherson was a featured artist who was having a tour of all the Kidrobot stores in the nation when her new designer vinyl art toy, the Bubble Yucky Dunny, was releasing. It was her design over a template toy that Kidrobot designed. She was touring Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York that year. When they announced her appearance, I knew I had to cover this event.

At that point, around 2006-08, she was one of my favorite artists. Her style was like no other. McPherson transcended multiple platforms, whether it was rock posters, tattoos, clothing, etc. Her signature color palette with cool greens and fuschia was all hers to keep and perfect.

She had many characters within her own universe of art which had reoccurring appearances. There was Lilitu, an enigmatic woman who is often depicted emerging from a body of water with a solid black-pigment skin and swampy pink hair. On the cuter side, there were the duo of Ace and Ion, fuzzy space-exploring bunny-suit and bear-suit wearing creatures who are never seen separated. One of my favorite characters is actually the young kid/creature who is seen on the tour poster for the band The Melvins. The character is seen with a mustache finger tattoo and holding his finger under his nose. There is a sense of quirkiness and eeriness in McPherson’s which plays well together.

To learn more, please visit Tara McPherson’s Website.