Coffee Table Companion: Supply & Demand


There is no better collection of counter-culture art than through the book “OBEY: Supply & Demand – The Art of Shepard Fairey.” Although many of the pieces Fairey has displayed over the years could be deemed ephemeral, the message it conveys lasts a lifetime. Released in 2008, this 5-pound, 360-page behemoth is a well-designed book with bright and color photos of Fairey’s 17+ year portfolio. It follows his journey through the days of xeroxing stickers in his mom’s house to showcasing his work in galleries across the nation. Fairey’s influences from skateboarding, punk rock, and hip-hop displays through the collection of prints he has made over the years. In the world of street art, the term “getting up” is the act of becoming respected among your peers through your art. This book is evidence that Fairey definitely got “up.” I implore anybody who has a love of art, design, and counter-culture to have this book in your collection.