Opinion: Why You Should Become a Museum Member

Becoming a member of a museum is not for those who only visit museums because they’re attending a class field trip. Although those type of people should consider it, becoming a member of a museum will help enrich your quality of life. Sure, there is a cost involved in becoming a member, but as a resident of whichever state you are from, you should take advantage of the fine establishments for an hour or two every month. In my opinion, one of the better investments you can make on your personal life is to obtain a membership to your local museum.

I have been debating whether or not I should become a member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  There are many warning flags telling me NOT to sign up for a membership: scarce days off, 45+ minute commute, parking, weather, safety, etc. The price tag for an annual adult membership at $100 is not a cheap one in itself. I considered this membership a few months ago when they re-opened. With whatever was happening in my life at that time, I did not purchase the membership.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, The SFMoMA went through a three year, $305 million  redesign on their establishment. A redesign of this magnitude in a major city like San Francisco should have an overflow of visitors every weekend.

Now, I think to myself, with such a historic re-opening from a re-design, why did I talk myself out of it?

I believe I suffered from what many people may be thinking of: How often will I REALLY attend within a year?

I think this is a wrong mindset to have when considering this membership. I believe this can be a new factor in your life where this will help influence your attendance of an establishment. This will help open up your mind and think in alternative ways. After researching the happenings within the SFMoMA, I have no idea how anyone can pass up fifteen alternate installations displayed at once. The quality of the pieces on display is world-class. With a museum like this sitting in my back yard, I convinced myself to purchase this membership after all (when the next paycheck comes, of course!).

Become an active part of your community. Become a member of a local museum. The investment you make on yourself and on the particular museum will enrich your life.