“Untitled” (2015) by Barry McGee


“Untitled” (2015)  by Barry McGee

Visited Cantors Art Center via Stanford University for their contemporary collection. One installation I wanted to visit was for the photographed piece. “Untitled” by Barry McGee aka “TWIST” is an outstanding series hidden within the traditional and archival museum collection.

“Untitled” is a 2015 piece by the San Francisco-based artist consisting of acrylic on panel. The clusters involves 152 elements which makes up this entire idea. “Untitled” celebrates and is inspired from urban culture and consumerism.

It is a reminder of McGee’s graffiti background and his influence in starting the Mission School Movement which was coined and introduced to define an art renaissance of the 1990s and 2000s.

I highly suggest you give this piece and the entire museum a visit. For more information, please visit Cantors Art Center‘s website.