Spotlight: Barron Storey


Lord of the Flies novel cover by Barron Storey

The novel Lord of the Flies is a seminal story for me which is forever immortalized with enthralling cover art. I feel like I have known Storey because of the novel cover alone.


Storey contributed to Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Endless Nights. Cover by Dave McKean.

I have seen Storey’s work in the comic book world. His work on the DC/Vertigo comic book Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Endless Nights is widely renowned as one of the greatest works in graphic novel history.

While I was in line at the David Choe book release signing at the SF MOMA on July 29, 2010, I finally got to meet Storey. (See the Spotlight I did on Choe). Storey was an instructor at California College of the Arts in Oakland at the time. My friend Bryant was under his tutelage. Storey was also a former instructor of Choe’s. Storey just happened to be in line with us for the David Choe signing.

At the time, I would carry a hardbound sketchbook to have artists contribute in it. Storey’s wife insisted that Storey drew in my book. One of my other friends who were with us, Jessica, only had a red pen.



My portrait by Storey

Out came this portrait of me by Barron Storey at the David Choe signing at SF MOMA.