Why you should visit FIFTY24SF Gallery


Store Front – FIFTY24SF Gallery

Do not be alarmed by the brown bag with a tall, empty beer can that welcomes you as you enter the door. Artists from around the world have graced these walls.

Artists from Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and across the United States have shown at FIFTY24SF, and you haven’t been here. This is not your grandfather’s Tuesday afternoon museum.


Store Front – FIFTY24SF Gallery

Artist like San Francisco-based Jeremy Fish, who is well-known for his unique design work with Upper Playground, Nike, Kidrobot, etc, honed their craft and were nurtured in this space. Fish later on becomes the artist-in-residence at San Francisco City Hall with his own solo show in the hallowed grounds.

Japanese artist Usugrow, Los Angeles-based artist Greg “Craola” Simkins, politically-charged Ron English, among many others have graced the walls with their signature work. One of my favorite artist, Sam Flores, garnered most of his visibility through his association with Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF. Well, that’s how I discovered him.


An opening night of an art show – FIFTY24SF


I appreciate Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF for their contribution to the art community. Their attention to detail and crazy amount of unique featured artists is a whole sub-culture all on its own.


Store Front – FIFTY24SF Gallery

If you are looking for artwork to gravitate toward and relate to, FIFTY24SF is the place. They hold a few exhibits throughout the year.  If you are savvy with your San Francisco public transportation or if you do not mind playing the popular game of parking roulette, this is a destination gallery worth visiting.

For more information and future shows, please visit FIFTY24SF Gallery’s website